Bright and Early

Monday, August 9th, 2021

The chiming of alarms rings throughout the hallways at approximately 0500. The sun is just beginning to rise as the cadre gathers outside on the football field. The stadium lights turn on, marking the beginning of their physical fitness test. United counts of different exercise repetitions echoed throughout campus, followed by motivation among all companies. The test consists of quality push-ups, sit-ups, and a 1 mile run around the campus.

The Senior Staff cheer on their squad leaders in training, motivating them through the testing of their physical limits.

The Squad Leaders file into Admirals Hall to hear remarks from the President of the Academy, Rear Admiral Francis McDonald, VP of Student Services, Dr. Shannon Finning, and the recently promoted Commandant of Cadets, Commander Stephen Kelleher.

Afterward, the cadre makes their way over to Joint Base Cape Cod to test themselves in a rigorous obstacle course consisting of 8 different stations. Boiler suits and old sneakers are coated in dirt and sweat while taking on the militaristic style obstacles.

The cadres’ learning progressed further after a refresher on the expected regimental room and uniform standards. A wheel of chance filled with the names of new squad leaders was suspensefully spun, subjecting cadre to a test of their knowledge and their professionalism.

The night ends with each battalion splitting up into their own separate meetings to have a closed, concise, and personal lesson. The first full day at pre-orientation was a successful course of events.