Discipline, Customs, and Traditions

Cadre continues to prepare for the arrival of 411 incoming Youngies.

All hands on deck! Another great start to the morning as the cadre builds their teamwork skills. There is nothing better than a demanding workout conducted by the Academy’s Regimental Staff!

The Squad Leaders are learning how to march and control a platoon. Whenever there is a chance to drill, the cadre takes advantage of it. The senior officers are great mentors and are helping each of them to reach their full potential.

The Squad Leaders will play a huge role in your Youngie’s first year here at Massachusetts Maritime Academy. The cadre attends a class that taught them how to engage cadets when in distress of any kind. Today’s lessons touched on mental health, physical exhaustion, and emotional stress. The cadre is here for the Youngies. Everyone here in Buzzards Bay truly cares about everyone’s success and happiness during their time at the Academy and long after.

Day 3 of Pre-Orientation has come to an end. Today has been a full day of productivity, learning, and breaking through the comfort zone. We all here are looking forward to another great day tomorrow. Stay tuned and GO BUCS!