Expectations, Taking Action, and Team Bonding

Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Today the cadre set out to improve their leadership skills in leading across different cultures. Joining the agenda were fellow Maritime staff members within the Intercultural Engagement team, Mr. Michael Ortiz, Dean of Enrollment and Mr. Patrick Nobrega, Director of Multicultural Engagement. The two came up with clever ways to teach everyone acceptance and incorporation of diversity into their leadership styles.

These activities included a fun team-based interactive event, that had two groups cooperating in a way they were not used to. They were being limited to only certain forms of communication and practices, leaving them to accomplish tasks by understanding and accepting each other’s differences.

Things then were taken over by Dr. Cukor, Academy Physician. Dr. Cukor provided a medical brief where he explained possible emergency situations that could occur during orientation. He provided the cadre guidance on how to prevent these situations from occurring and to take action if something does arise. Dr. Cukor ended his presentations with an amazing showcase of proper and respectable ways of communicating as a leader and boosting all of the cadres’ confidence.

Afterward, 1st Company Officer LT Muldoon, the Regimental Adjutants, and the ship cadet officers gave an explanation on the importance of watchstanding expectations, both on the ship and ashore. They advised the Cadre on how to successfully explain to their incoming Youngies just how important this job is.

It has been an action-packed day full of learning and solidifying skills. The Squad Leaders are drilling every day to master their craft in marching a platoon. They are engraving their new skills of projecting their voices and commanding a unit. GREAT WORK!

To finish off Wednesday night here on campus, the Cadre participated in a 1st Battalion versus 2nd Battalion Spikeball tournament. There were lots of smiles and laughter. At the same time, great team bonding and camaraderie was present within everyone. We will leave you with this quote that is often said at the Academy, “A team is only as strong as its weakest link.” Unity makes for success.