Meeting the Cadre, Intramurals, and Youngie Essentials

Thursday, August 12th

After morning physical training, the focus was centered on getting the dormitories primed and ready. Cadre focused on creating Youngies’ rooms nameplates, locker diagrams, and other pre-staged items. Each company worked in their specific area of the dorms the Youngies will be living in come Orientation.

The team’s next task requires moving to the well-known Admiral’s Hall to hear Regimental Commander, Daniel McAuliffe, explain the new “Meet the Cadre” procedure. “Meet the Cadre” is an event in which the Youngies meet their current companies’ Senior Staff and Squad Leaders. The Senior Staff and Squad Leaders both introduce themselves to the Youngies promising to take care of their new Cadet Candidates and lead them by being the best role model and mentors they possibly can be. The Cadre focuses on engagement and connectivity through their teaching.

After the practice session, a competition took place on the softball field. 1st Battalion and 2nd Battalion clashed against one another in an intramural game of softball. The game was lead by Regimental Intramural Officer, 1/C Yazan Aldakhlallah. Diving catches, stolen bases, and slides into home base left the game to a continuous close call. However, 2nd Battalion took the win. Both Battalions scored over 20 plus runs.

Intramurals is a great way to meet other Cadets in your company. It is a place where you Cadet will learn amazing leadership and team skills.

Finally, Cadre personal furthered the setup for Saturday’s arrival by preparing each Youngie’s Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) box. The PPE box contains all the gear the Youngies need to stay safe while working and learning at Massachusetts Maritime Academy including helmets, ear protection, eye protection, and work gloves. The Cadre moved hundreds of boxes over to the desired companies in need to account for every single incoming Cadet Candidate. Another successful day.