Prepping the Rooms and Learning Essential Knowledge, Training Day 5

Wednesday, August 18th, 2021

It was another bright and early day here at the home of the Bucs for the Cadre and Cadet Candidates. Morning Reveille was initiated and everyone then moved out to the football field for some motivating physical training.

The Youngies and Cadre have been doing Morning Formation. It is a tradition here at Mass Maritime that occurs every morning Monday-Friday during the academic school year. Doing this now will allow the Youngies to feel comfortable and be prepared when the real thing comes in September. The Youngies are marched onto the Parade Field by their Platoon Leader and Squad Leaders to salute the flag.

Youngies had the privilege to sit in on a meeting with the Regimental Training Ship Commander, Sarah Smialek, and Cadet Chief Engineer, Anthony Petrillo. The two gave a presentation on Ship Familiarization. This lecture was designed to familiarize the Cadet Cadidates with the T.S. Kennedy while it is still out sailing with Texas A&M Maritime Academy.

Later in the evening, the Youngies headed back to the dorms. Squad Leaders taught the Cadet Cadidates how to iron, shine shoes, and make their rooms meet the standard and look “inspection ready”. It is an honor to attend this Academy and be able to wear the uniform every day. Therefore, all those who wear the uniform are taught how to care for it and treat it with respect before they can wear it. It is the responsibility of the Cadre to make sure the Youngies are properly instructed on the proper wear and care of the uniform during orientation.