Uniform Importance, and Beginning Freshman Leadership Training Day 6

Thursday, August 19th, 2021

Today, the Youngies exercised team-building skills. Companies got together as one cohesive unit to build up their teamwork skills and Company morale. The Youngies had a ton of fun and got to relax a little bit. You could see in their faces how accomplished they felt when the task at hand was successfully completed.

The Cadet Candidates had time to study their Youngie knowledge. Knowing your Youngie knowledge is very important not only for orientation, but throughout all four years at the Academy. Youngies have to know the steam cycle, Academy and Regiment Staff names, forty-one parts of a lifeboat, and much more.

All hands on deck! The Youngies attended a meeting by Regimental Commander 1/C Daniel McAuliffe, Regimental Executive Officer 1/C Brian Murray, First Battalion Commander 1/C Owen Donoghue, and Second Battalion Commander 1/C Nora McLaughlin on the proper wear of uniform. In the meeting, all parts/ uniforms the Cadet Candidates will be wearing were shown and taught how to wear.

It was a very special night here on the water. Company staff and Squad Leaders chose a Cadet Candidate to be the Company Guidon. The Company Guidon is someone that the Company cadre thinks to be a good example for the rest of the Youngies within the company. They go above and beyond at all times, know their knowledge, and are very respectful.

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