Practice Makes Perfect, Training Day 7

Friday, August 20, 2021

The Cadet Candidates have completed the first week of the Orientation Program. The ground rules, expectations, and standards have been set, and the Youngies know the action that needs to be taken. For the final week of Orientation, the expectations have been set high and the Cadet Candidates must execute. Moving forward, every day is focused on the perfection of the Company’s morale and harnessing everything that they have been taught by their Squad Leaders and Senior Staff. The companies will have to work together as a team to accomplish the tasks ahead.

Different Cadet Candidates talk to the rest of the company. Talking about their thoughts and opinions about their experience with Orientation so far, collaborating on how they can improve their overall performance, and motivating each other to give it all they have for the rest of Orientation.

The Companies continue to be quizzed on their Youngie Knowledge to prepare themselves for Patio and to cement the information for their future at the Academy. Squad Leaders conducting practice quizzes to assess the retention and knowing of their Youngie Knowledge.

Patio sessions have gotten increasingly difficult since the beginning of Orientation. The Regimental Staff has been testing the Youngies on the traits of a leader, the Academy Honor code, the Joseph P. Kennedy Quote, the “Inspection Spout”, and the “Youngie Function”.

Perfection of marching is essential to the betterment of a Company, it shows unity and cohesiveness. The Cadet Candidates continue to practice their commands, facing movements, and presentability.

Company Staff members have begun selecting Cadet Candidate Platoon Leaders for their respective Companies. The CCPL is a Cadet Candidate who has shown leadership amongst their shipmates, application of Academy teachings, perseverance through hardship, and grit. This chosen Cadet Candidate has the chance to address the rest of their Company in private away from Squad Leaders. The CCPL is placed in a leadership role for the day and delegated the responsibility of motivating their shipmates.

3 thoughts on “Practice Makes Perfect, Training Day 7”

  1. Thank you, Cadre and senior staff for bringing your best selves so that our young adults can be their best selves. It’s no easy feat to support, encourage, and demand the best of your young fledglings every day! Congratulations to everyone and their accomplishments thus far. The pictures speak volumes of the leadership.

  2. My family and I look forward to reading each and every post! We are confident that our cadet candidate is working hard, persevering, and making great strides towards becoming a successful academy cadet with the support of his leaders and fellow cadets. Thank you!

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