The Standard is Raised Higher, Training Day 8

Saturday, August 21, 2021

Now that we are past the halfway point of the Orientation program, the expectations of Cadet Candidates are in full swing. This means that the bar has been set higher and the Youngies are expected to perform and meet the standards that have been set for them. The Youngies continue to study their knowledge for the Youngie Knowledge exam and practice their marching and drill for the Marching Competition that will take place on the final day of Orientation.

Different firefighting training takes place in certain areas around campus. At the Campus Police headquarters, Cadet Candidates learn how to use a self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA). They learn how to don the device as well as the operating procedures.

Intramural games continue to be played every day following the afternoon meal. While a tournament is not in place, so every company can play different sports and opponents every day, a win to loss ratio is being kept to see the best performing company. The highest performing Companies will earn points towards winning the coveted Admirals Cup on the night of Orientation Graduation.

The Companies are having their individual picture photoshoots. Each Company is photographed in front of the beautiful and scenic Cape Cod Canal.

In the evening, the Youngies attended back-to-back meetings discussing important topics. The topics covered in the meetings included Career Services, Public Safety, and Shipboard Safety.

Overall, the companies continue to experience growth in all areas of training at the Academy. Now, preparation for Tropical Storm Henri finishes the day.