Shelter In Place, Training Day 9

Sunday, August 22, 2021

Tropical Storm Henri throws a wrench in the works of Orientation 2021, causing Massachusetts Maritime Academy to issue a shelter-in-place order. With no outdoor activities being permitted, today’s schedule had to be rearranged. The Senior Staff and Squad Leaders worked together to formulate a productive day of activities never the less.

The day was packed with indoor activities focused on the mastery of essential knowledge pertaining to Regimental and Academic life here at Massachusetts Maritime Academy. Some of the activities included uniform care, ironing the uniform, shining shoes, room inspection prep, making hospital corners, and academic major discussions.

A standard that is required to be maintained throughout their time at the Academy is room preparation and cleanliness. The Cadet Candidates were taught the proper way to organize their rooms and make them presentable for inspections.

All of the Cadet Candidates experienced their first Regimental room inspection today. This is where a Regimental Officer conducts an inspection surveying everything in the Cadet Candidate’s room. The inspector goes through the Cadet Candidates’ rooms making adjustments and corrections where mistakes have been made.

In the evening, Senior Staff and Squad Leaders also prepared Academic major specific meetings for the Youngies to attend. Senior Staff and Squad Leaders spoke about the different majors offered at the Academy, giving advice, and answering questions.

The CCPL continues to be chosen every night. The chosen CCPL is given a prompt and they must lead a discussion amongst their shipmates that is intended to boost motivation and Company morale.

One thing is for sure, nothing can stop the determination of the Orientation Leadership Staff and the Cadet Candidates.