Comradery and Morale, Training Day 10

Monday, August 23, 2021

This morning had an unusual start.  Due to weather conditions, there was no morning PT and Youngies got to sleep in an extra two hours. Instead, we had a motivating 2000 PT session under the lights at Clean Harbors Stadium. In the pouring rain and under the glow of the stadium lights, Companies were chanting and getting motivated despite the inclement weather. All Cadre and Cadet Candidates were excited to be there and it was a great workout. Morale was extremely high this evening!

The Youngies attended multiple important and informational meetings today.  The Youngies were taught about MMA history and how this Academy came to be. The Academy has grown significantly since its founding but is important for Cadets to honor the history and traditions of the Massachusetts Maritime Academy.

The Youngies also attended presentations about the Regimental Manual.  The Regimental Manual contains information about the regiment, rules and regulations, daily routines and formations, uniforms, cadet rooms, leadership training procedures, honor code, and other topics related to the regiment. The Regimented lifestyle helps Cadets to stand out when applying to Coops, intern-ships, and careers post-graduation. The responsibility, self-discipline, and maturity that these Cadet Candidates

Then, the Youngies attended a meeting on Diversity Equity and Inclusion (DEI) in Admirals Hall. The Academy is a place where students from all different backgrounds can come together and become a part of something much bigger than themselves. Mr. Ortiz and Mr. Nobrega gave a powerful presentation on DEI that was full of information regarding cultural awareness and cultural intelligence.  

Following the Diversity Equity and Inclusion meeting, the Varsity Sport Coaches and some Team Captains of brief meetings about the different sports teams here at the Academy. The majority of the Cadet Candidates were interested in playing a sport at the Academy. Playing a Varsity Sport is a great way for Cadets to get involved in activities outside of the Regiment.

Captain Buc went around campus today to boost everyone’s spirits.