The Youngies Are Underway, Training Day 11

Tuesday, August 24, 2021

It was another early morning wake-up for the Youngies! Reveille played at 0445 and straight out to PT they went. The Cadet Candidates are motivated. The Cadet Candidates’ willingness to better themselves shined through today. Last night’s 2000 PT session did not diminish their motivation to get back at it this morning at 0445.

The Cadet Candidates were on the water today! Some of the Companies had the amazing opportunity to ride on the coastal training vessel T/V Ranger down the Cape Cod Canal and back. The Regimental Training Ship Commander, Sarah Smialek, and Cadet Chief Engineer, Anthony Petrillo, took them through the engine room and bridge of the vessel. They taught the Youngies about the Ranger and also allowed them to relax and enjoy the gorgeous scenery. Every Company will be going on the Ranger before the completion of Orientation.

Before being able to go on the Ranger, the Youngies had to attend Shipboard Safety. This was also taught by the Regimental Training Ship Commander 1/C Sarah Smialek and Cadet Chief Engineer 1/C Anthony Petrillo.

1st Company Officer, Lieutenant Muldoon, gave all the Cadet Candidates a lecture on alcohol awareness. LT Muldoon went into the dangers and consequences that can come along with drinking. Massachusetts Maritime Academy is an alcohol, drug-free, and tobacco-free campus and there is a zero-tolerance policy for the use of these substances on Academy grounds. Getting caught in the mix of alcohol or drug use can affect someone’s health, reputation, and more. LT Muldoon truly cares about the Cadets at this Academy and wants the best for them. This is why he likes to talk with the Youngies, share his story, and educate them on the detrimental effects of alcohol use.

With the Marching Competition coming up, the Companies have been focusing on drill and marching to impress the judges and families this Friday! Cadre and Academy Staff are excited to see these Cadet Candidates graduate this Orientation looking sharp and squared away. There are only a few days left until the Youngies get to march onto the football field, but the hard work does not end there. These Cadet Candidates will graduate from this Orientation program ready to face the challenging roads ahead.

4 thoughts on “The Youngies Are Underway, Training Day 11”

  1. A huge thank you from a new MMA mom to everyone who contributes to Orientation Blog 2021. I checked it many times a day the last 2 weeks! The photos are fantastic, the posts are very clear and enjoyable to read. It really showcases what makes MMA such a great school. See you all tomorrow for graduation! Go 2nd Company!

  2. We are anxious to see the Marching Competition and graduation ceremony!! Cannot wait to see our grandson that has been in Company 2!!!! Congratulations to all Cadets. As a Navy Veteran I am so proud of him for choosing MMA

  3. I want to take a few minutes to say thank you to all the cadre for all the time you have spent with our kids to help them start to reach their potential. I am super proud of my CC and can’t wait for what is in store for him. Thank you for all the people behind the scenes that have done this blog, as a parent who sent her only child and not to have communication foe 2 weeks is tough. You all made it so much easier – it was fun to keep checking foe updates and pics to find my CC. Again THANK YOU

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