Exceeding the Standard, Training Day 12

Wednesday, August 25th, 2021

Training aboard a live vessel on the water continued to transpire as more Companies took their turn to board the Ranger training vessel. Massachusetts’s Maritime Academy’s homeport training ship, the T.S. Kennedy, is not currently available. But a smaller scaled ship was able to compensate for the Kennedy’s absence as it is crucial that new Cadet Candidates get experience on the water.

While some Companies took their turn aboard the T/V Ranger, the remaining Companies spent the time on campus productively prepping dorm rooms for their Regimental inspection. The room preparation time allowed Candidates to ask their Squad Leaders questions pertaining to how the room should be properly set up. The Regimental and Battalion staff conducted room inspections at 1000.

Hurricane Henri pushed Companies that had sailing, water survival, and firefighting to reschedule their activities to today. All preparations were rearranged so companies 2nd, 5th, and 7th got to have their turn with some hands-on training.

Late afternoon arrived with team-building activities taking place on the Parade Field. The Companies got to compete against each other competitively in a tug of war, memory puzzle, and tic tac toe race. Comradery and spirit were built today, strengthing the Regiment of Cadets we have here at Massachusetts Maritime Academy.

The day ended with the Cadet Candidates attending a crucial meeting giving by the 1st Battalion Adjutant 1/C Jack Leigh and 2nd Battalion Adjutant 1/C Reilly Cusick on how to use remote learning. This tutorial covered the essential software and programs given to all enrolled students here at the Academy, and how to navigate and use them accordingly on a computer.