New Learnings Set In Stone, The Final Full Day, Training Day 13

Thursday, August 26th, 2021

The last full day of Orientation started with the new Cadet Canadiate’s first full Morning Formation with all the companies in attendance. Companies 1-7 lined the parade field together in front of the Regimental Staff and saluted the flag.

Around the middle of the day, The Massachusetts Maritime Academy’s homeport training ship, the T.S Kennedy returned back home! The ship is currently being borrowed by Texas A & M’s maritime students for their sea term. The T.S Kennedy was greeted by students, alumni, and fans as it cruised through the Cape Cod Canal. A well-welcome was awaiting the ship’s arrival on campus

A big emphasis was put on memorizing Youngie Knowledge and drill practice for the upcoming Marching Competition. Companies Squad Leaders and Senior Staff drilled Candidates for hours on end in order to make sure the Cadet Candidates’ marching skills were perfect for tomorrow night’s Graduation Ceremony.

Afterward, The Youngies attended one of their last but extremely important meetings. This meeting was on Academic Affairs and was given by four top members of the Academics Department. This meeting touched on topics including tutoring, what to expect, changing majors, swapping classes, and overall how to progress through your degree.

After Dinner, the mess deck was cleaned and prepped for an important assessment. The Cadet Candidates had to take their written, in-person Fire Fighting Exam. This exam covered all the new information that the Candidates learned during their fire fighting training that took place during this Orientation. Some questionnaires included types of fire extinguishers, the fire triangle, and how to properly evacuate a premise if needed. This is essential knowledge and training Yougies must know.

As the day neared an end, all the Companies headed back to the dorms in order to teach the Youngies how to properly iron their uniform. The Youngies learned and then concentrated on getting their uniforms ready for the Orientation Graduation ceremony tomorrow. Cadet Candidates partook in this in order to look their best showing the growth they have experienced over the past 2 weeks. The uniform is the Massachusetts Maritime Academy’s pride and representation, maintaining the uniform is fundamental, mandatory, and essential.

The Cadet Canadiates climb into their bed exhausted, but still with feelings of excitement and motivation, as the commencement of their achievement will be taking place tomorrow night!