Friday, August 27th, 2021

This morning, the Youngies went for a 3 mile run down the Cape Cod Canal at 0515. It was a run full of cadences, comradery, and motivation. Each Company was giving it their all.  Every step they took was a step closer to Orientation Graduation!

Each Cadet Candidate must pass the Youngie Exam to be eligible to stay at the academy.  The test was given out today to all the Youngies at 0800 in the Mess Deck. They have been studying hard these past two weeks, and now their knowledge is being put to the test.

Off to the competition!  Each company took part in the annual Marching Competition. All companies did an amazing job, but 2nd Company came out on top. The Companies were marched by their respective Company Commander.  Great job Cadet Candidates! Photos will be posted shortly.

At 2000 hours, the Orientation Graduation Ceremony has begun! Just over 370 motivated, dedicated, and determined Cadet Candidates made it through Orientation 2021.  It took a lot of hard work and grit, but they made it through.  Individual awards were handed out to the top Squad Leaders and top Cadet Candidates in each Company. Company awards were given based on their performances throughout Orientation. The coveted Admirals Cup was won by 5th Company for the fourth year in a row. Congratulations 5th Company Cadre and Cadet Candidates! A big congratulations to all the Youngies for their decision on taking the path less traveled and a job well done.  We can not wait to see the Cadet Candidates back on campus on the 31st.  The journey has just begun! Photos will be posted shortly.