1st Company

1st Company Commander 2022: 1/C Samuel Yuskaitis 

Good Evening, My name is 1/C Samuel Yuskaitis and I am the First Company Commander. My major at the academy is Marine Engineering and I am from Barnstable, Ma. I look forward to working with each and every one of your kids. My top priority in 1st Company is the health and well-being of each and every one of the cadet candidates. There will be tough times ahead that will both mentally and physically challenge the cadets but under the watchful eye of the first company cadre, each and everyone will find success and self-improvement.

Read below for an update from the Company Commander daily and scroll down for photos.

Day Zero –

Today was an administrative day for the incoming cadet candidates. Shortly after departing from the bleachers, the cadre marched the platoons to the mess deck for their first meals at the academy. After the noon meal, the cadet candidates began to get acquainted with their cadre. During this time they received their first lessons. From understanding their basic “youngie knowledge” which consists of senior staff members, academy staff members, and numerous other bit knowledge to understanding the fundamentals of marching and drill. Evening meal was followed by a medical brief from the academy’s Doctor, Dr.Cukor, followed by a short evacuation drill and back to the dorms. Today was an easy day compared to the next twelve days ahead. It’s early to bed tonight for an early start tomorrow.

Day One –

The day started early today, reveille or wake up started at 05:30. The platoons were marched onto the football field where they met their cadre. The First Company Cadre includes eight squad leaders who are juniors here at the academy and four senior staff members including myself. After the morning meal, the cadet candidates were marched to the gym where they received more uniform items and were fitted for the classroom blacks. They then spent the remaining time’s lectures on the history of the academy and proper watchstanding. After the noon meal, they spent their afternoon continuing to learn their youngie knowledge and participate in team-building activities. Evening meal was served and the youngies spent the rest of the evening attending a firefighting lecture. This is in preparation for understanding the basics of firefighting when their fire training day comes in the next couple of days.

Day Two –

Today was a relativity light day for the candidates. This morning started with Pt where the cadet candidates ran a PT which consisted of a one-mile run, push-ups, and situps. Then back to the dorms to shower and off to the morning meal. After morning meal they spent a majority of the day in practical hands-on firefighting training consisting of fire hose handling, use of fire extinguishers, and hose rolling. After Evening meal the candidates attended an evening brief and back to the dorms to end the night with knowledge study.

Day Three –

Today was pond day for First Company. Pond day is a fan favorite amount cadet candidates. They were shuttled to Great Herring Pon where they spent the day out on the water sailing, rowing, or participating in Monomoy races ( a type of rowboat ). The First Company Candidates were instructed by coaching staff and students on how to sail and row. A nice break from the day-to-day repetitiveness of drill and youngie knowledge. After a nice lunch and more rowing, the candidates came back and played dodgeball against Fourth Company. Having earned a hard-fought victory over fourth, the night ended after the evening meal with a lecture from the office of the academic and a brief about the different athletic opportunities students can participate in here at the Academy.

Day Four –

First Company started the day with a long-standing tradition of morning formation. Accompanied by fourth and seventh companies we started the day after PT and morning chow by raising the flag. Afterward, they spent a good portion of the morning in the drill. Learning the basic movements of collum lefts and rights. After some final uniform preparations, they had an afternoon meal and then to Sea Lab where they learned how to work as a team to row one of the Monomoy lifeboats. First Co ended the afternoon with a game of water polo where unfortunately we lost after a hard-fought three games. After evening chow and briefs from various speakers, the candidates were sent to their racks. Yesterday started the CCPL ( Cadet Candidate Platoon leader ) program in First Company where for the day motivated young candidates that show unwavering commitment, determination, and motivation to succeed. Yesterday Mr. Antos was selected to lead the Company as CCPL. He leads his shipmates well and sets the standard for the following candidates. Today Mr.Caulfeild was selected as CCPL. Mr.Caufeild spouts his knowledge loudly and confidently. He began studying this summer and is well-versed. He has definitely shown what it means to be a highly motivated cadet candidate.

Day Five –

First Company spent most of the day practicing drill and learning youngie knowledge. The Cadet Candidates’ marching abilities have come a long way since when they first learned behind the clean harbors stadium. Another large milestone is that First Company as a whole was able to learn and recite all forty-one parts of the lifeboat. This piece of knowledge is one of the hardest things a youngie has to learn. First Company also proudly selected its guide today. The guide is someone who is the figurehead of the company. In First company, this person is someone who is determined, hardworking, and strives to see themselves and their shipmates succeed. This candidate has been locked on and ready to prove herself since day one. The First Company Staff is proud to say that Ms.Berard was selected to be our guide on for First Co . She will now lead her shipmates in everything they do with honor and pride!

Day Six –

Today First Company spent the majority of the day engaging in cold water survival training. Cadet candidates entered the water with life jackets and learned how to tread water, how to float in various formations, and how to enter and exit life rafts as well as dawning immersion suits. After spending the majority of the day in the pool First Company took to the field this afternoon and played Sixth Company in Ultimate Frisbee. After a hard-fought three games, First Company came through and won!

Day Seven –

With One full week under their belts now the candidates Have come a long way since their first day behind the bleachers. Today was a preparation day. The day started off with them preparing their rooms for the incoming inspections tomorrow. After morning ciao we spent the morning going over the various drill cards which will be used for the marching competition in the coming days. After drill Youngy knowledge practice and more room prep the cadet candidates had a nice break this afternoon and played dodgeball versus 5th Company. 1st Company 3-0. after the evening meal cadet candidates will attend nightly briefs and then off to bed for an early start tomorrow morning, with the PT test.

Day Eight –

Today the candidates spend most of their time preparing for the marching competition tomorrow and their first inspections at the academy. After hours of drill and room preparation, First Company is confident that the cadet candidates will succeed. Also happening have been preparations for a mini cruise. After evening chow they will get in-depth doors from licensed majors here at the academy. Tomorrow after the marching competition the yougnies will board the Kennedy and spend their first night aboard.

Day Nine –

First Companys day started early with a canal run this morning. The platoon ran along the canal where earlier morning passersby got to see how far First Co has come since day one. Afterward, the day was light with some rehearsals for graduation. This Afternoon we participated in a marching competition where First Co showed the academy staff and senior staff their newly sharpened marching skills. How chow tonight the cadet candidates will move aboard the Kennedy and spend their first nights in her holds.