1st Company

1st Company Commander: Camryn Boyce

Read below for an update from the Company Commander daily and scroll down for photos.


Today is a shocking day for every Cadet Candidate. I noticed quickly that the first company Cadet Candidates were locked on and ready to go, excited to work. Although it was only a half-day, for most it feels like a full one. The amount of information that is coming in all at once is like drinking from a fire hose. There are a lot of standards, questions, and expectations immediately thrown at them which is stressful for any young adult. Things are looking bright for these next two weeks.


Today the Cadet Candidates had several classes, some drill time, and their first PT session. The day started bright and early at 0445 with the diagnostic PT test (1-mile run, 2 minutes push-ups, 2 minutes sit-ups.) Following their first PT session, there were multiple opportunities for them to meet the cadre, participate in intramurals, and learn more about the Academy as a whole through classes such as military customs and traditions, financial aid, discipline systems, regimental watch, and fire fighting lectures. Today’s biggest achievement: electric win in water polo against 7th Company.


For day three, the Cadet Candidates participated in their first Morning Formation to see what that looks like since they will be doing it every single day at the Academy during the regular school year. Interesting things that we had for today included sea lab, drill, and intramurals. After a tough loss to 4th Company in dodgeball, the candidates’ spirits remained high and they had honors class 1. Things I’ve noticed so far within the company include their growing excitement during intramurals, and their willingness to motivate each other. There is still much progress to be made in order to mold the Cadet Candidates of 1st Company into one cohesive unit, but the trend is positive.


Today the first company Cadet Candidates made their way over to Herring Pond for the sailing and rowing classes. “Pond Day” is a good break for the Cadet Candidates to relax and get to know each other. The day consists of three stations: a monomoy station, a sailing station, and a rowing station. Each station allows for Cadet Candidates to practice working as a team. They were able to do a Monomoy race, they were able to bond and speak to each other without Cadre around, and it was all around a recharging day away from campus. 

Upon returning to campus, the Cadet Candidates went to intramurals where they faced second company in an intense water polo beat of five series. Although 1st Company fell 3-2, it was apparent that they were not going down without a fight, after a long day of rowing every Cadre member was impressed with their ability to play and challenge the other Cadet Candidates.

Finally, the Candidates had military branch presentations where they were able to learn about the military options and benefits through this Academy. There were plenty of experienced military Cadets and leaders to answer questions and provide firsthand experience for the Candidates.

Morale is high over here in 1st Co among Youngies and Cadre as a whole. Lots of hardworking, dedicated, motivated young men and women.

Day 5

Today started off with drill and uniforms. The Cadet Candidates made their way over to uniform fitting and then to the patio where they were quizzed on their Youngie knowledge. It is safe to say that our lunchtime patio was the worst patio yet. Therefore, these Cadet Candidates had a challenge, and that was to improve by dinner. They rose to the occasion and actually exceeded every expectation that we could’ve possibly had. Through impressive teamwork, motivation, and determination the first company Cadet Candidates were able to have a perfect patio. I could not be more proud of them and the same goes for my staff. At the end of the night, we were able to have “Company Commander Time” for the Cadet Candidates. They were able to learn about the Marching Competition, which will take place on the night of Orientation Graduation, and ask any other questions they had.

Today was a great day for boosting morale. We hope to continue on this trend for the rest of Orientation and beyond.

Day 6

Today was water survival class day for 1st Company Cadet Candidates. Water survival is an STCW requirement for all Cadets that will be going on Seat Term aboard the T.S. Kennedy. Last night the 1st Company Staff selected their first Cadet Candidate Platoon Leader (CCPL.) The CCPL is a highly motivated and model Cadet Candidate. This program allows Cadet Candidates to work together and answer a leadership prompt being led by their newly selected CCPL.

Exciting news: Tonight the 1st Company staff will select the 1st Company Guidon. We will be presenting the Guidon and congratulating the Cadet Candidate before Taps.

Day 7

Cadet Candidates had fire fighting for the vast majority of the day today. This consisted of three stations; fire hoses training, fire extinguishing, and SCBA donning training. Candidates had an impressive showing at lunch Patio, proving that they know their knowledge and are capable of working together. The 1st Company Cadet Candidates have a lot of drive and motivation, promising qualities to see in the next generation of leaders.

Today’s positive: Cadet Candidates completed a loaded day of training and were still able to hold themselves accountable for their Youngie knowledge.

Highly motivating.

Day 8

Candidates participated in a company picture, kickball intramurals, and multiple meetings today. The company was able to pull off a win against 3rd Company in kickball 8 to 2. Tonight, the 1st Company Senior Staff had a relaxed dinner in the Mess Deck with the past three Candidate Platoon Leaders (CCPLs) and our Company Guidon.

It was nice to get some facetime with the Cadet Candidates who have made an impression as leaders amongst the platoon. They are very intelligent and motivating young men and women.

Day 9

Today, the Cadet Candidates had to shelter in place today due to the hurricane. This was a full day of room prep and basic skills to prepare for a Regimental Inspection at 1400. First Company performed well, and although there are improvements to be made, today was an impressive showing for the Candidates in their first Regimental Inspection. It was unfortunate that Cadet Candidates had to stay inside today, but we’re excited to get back outside tomorrow.

Day 10

The biggest event for today was outdoor PT at 2000. Candidates were motivated throughout the 30 minute Every Minute On the Minute workout (3 burpees, 6 push ups, 9 squats). The Patio performance was much better than yesterday, but we are still aiming to improve our Youngie Knowledge.

Lots of meetings and information were being thrown at these Cadet Candidates in a short amount of time. The Cadet Candidates hard work and dedication shows.

Day 11

The 1st Co Cadet Candidates had a very long day of drill, classes, and Youngie Knowledge study. With the Marching Competition in sight, 1st Company is looking to compete for the win. I have faith in all of them based on their eager and ready to earn attitudes. Today was very productive. The 1st Company Staff was impressed with the Cadet Candidates ability to continue to focus through the heat, their exhaustion built up from the past two weeks, and their sore muscles from PT.

Patio knowledge was impressively better than yesterday which was exciting to see. The 1st Company Staff continues to stress the importance of avoiding complacency and always searching for ways to improve.

“Biggest room in the house is the room for improvement.”

Day 12

Cadet Candidates went on the coastal training vessel T/V Ranger today, where they were able to take a deck and engine room tours. They were also given the opportunity to steer the boat down the Cape Cod Canal. For several Cadet Candidates, this was their first boat ride, which was exciting to see. The Cadet Candidates are doing a much better job during Patio sessions and their marching/drill skills are improving.

All in all, the 1st Company Staff was very impressed with the Cadet Candidates today. Proud of their perseverance and grit.

Day 13

Today Cadet Candidates had a long day of drill, knowledge study, and ironing in order to prepare for graduation. Both patio knowledge sessions were better than yesterday and as senior staff we can see things coming together for the Youngies.

Our favorite part of today was TRO time with Ms. Weir and Company officer time with LT Muldoon. Great informational sessions to relax during a busy day!