7th Company

7th Company Commander: Mathew Senna

Read below for an update from the Company Commander daily and scroll down for photos.


Hello everyone, my name is 1/C Mathew Senna and I’m the Company Commander for 7th Company! My staff and I have been working tirelessly this past week to prepare ourselves for the reception of 57 Cadet Candidates into our care. Over the next two weeks, this blog will serve as an insight into our company operation, and what our Youngies are up to. 
After move-in and the Cadre Oath (a promise made to Cadet Candidates that we will train them fairly and to the best of our ability) 7th Company C/C’s we’re fully in-processed, they received necessary uniform items and equipment and hit the rack (bed) to get ready for the next day.
The upcoming days will prove challenging, but teamwork and a no-quit attitude will allow 7th Company’s C/C’s to arise to the challenge.


7th Company Youngies started the day motivated and determined when they showed up to physical training (PT) ready to rock and roll. After a quick sweat fest, they quickly transitioned to some Drill and Ceremony, where they learned certain facing movements, the importance of Marching customs and traditions, and how to do certain functions in unison as a team. 


Upon completion of PT, 7th Company conducted a Team Building exercise. This is an evolution that requires Youngies to participate in a series of games that make the formation a better, more cohesive unit. 

After lunch, it was back to Drill and Ceremony and Youngie Knowledge Studying. By the end of Orientation, Cadet Candidates are required to pass a Youngie Knowledge exam in order to become a fully recognized Cadet.


7th CO’s highlight today was participating in several Military Commissioning Source briefs, where they learned the different commissioning options they may pursue at Mass Maritime. While military service is not required, MMA is very similar to a Senior Military College. Many cadets are prior service, reserve, or partake in one of the commissioning routes (Army ROTC, Navy SSOP, Coast Guard Auxiliary, or Marine PLC). 

In addition to today’s briefs, 7th Company Cadet Candidates continued to refine their marching skills, increase their knowledge of this Academy’s customs and traditions, and overall improve Company cohesiveness.

Day 5

Following PT and Morning Formation, 7th cracked down on addition Drill and Ceremony movements. After a bit of marching, the Cadet Candidate’s moved onto Youngie Knowledge Study. Today, the Youngies were separated into their squads and tasked to compete against each other Squad vs. Squad by spouting knowledge and seeing who was the loudest. It proved fruitful when in the evening, 7th Co had its loudest Patio Session (an evolution where Cadet Candidates present themselves in front of the regimental staff to prove they know their Youngie Knowledge).
Towards the end of the day, Squad Leaders led room preparation classes to square away the Cadet Candidate’s rooms for their first Regimental Inspection on Friday.

Day 6

Today was a particularly busy day for 7th Company’s Youngies because they spent all morning conducting Fire Fighting Training with Barnstable Fire. Being knowledgeable in fire safety is especially crucial during ship operations, and is a requirement to pass Orientation. 

Day 7

Inspections are an integral part of the Regiment at Mass Maritime. Inspections teach discipline, ensure standards are met, and force Youngies to pay attention to detail. Today,7th Company had its first Regimental Inspection. This particular inspection involves certain members of the Regimental Staff that personally inspect the Cadet Candidates and their rooms.

After their inspections, it was back to Water Polo in the pool, Drill and Ceremony practice, and Youngie knowledge studying. With just one week left of Orientation, 7th Company has come a long way as a team, and it’s only expected that they’ll continue to improve.

Day 8

Today, 6th Company spent their time at the pool learning water survival. The Cadet Candidates learned the use of thermal protection aids, life raft flipping, breath-holding and treading water, how to properly jump off an elevated surface, diving from elevation, properly dawning PDFs, man overboard drills, and entering and exiting life rafts. The Cadet Candidates had a picnic outside on the canal for lunch and played water polo against 5th Company. In the evening, the Cadet Candidates participated in a public safety brief along with a shipboard safety-health, hygiene and knife safety meeting. The 6th Company Staff awarded another Cadet Candidate the opportunity to be the CCPL for their enthusiasm and dedication to their team.

Day 9

Because of weather (thanks Hurricane Henri) 7th Company spent its time today bunkered down indoors. Room preparation for the upcoming semester, Youngie Knowledge studying, and preparing for their 2nd Regimental Inspection of Orientation are some of the things Cadet Candidates found themselves occupied with.

Towards the evening, 7th Company Staff conducted presentations about each of the majors offered at Mass Maritime. This was a time where Youngies were allotted the time to relax, learn, and ask questions about the major they will be studying come the Fall Semester.

Day 10

7th Company’s day started with a quick lecture in Admirals Hall about the history of Massachusetts Maritime Academy. The customs and traditions of MMA are passed down every incoming class, it is vital that such classes exist to better acclimate the incoming Cadet Candidate class. 

After a bit of time under the sun conducting marching practice, 7th’s Youngies participated in several additional lectures that included topics such as Diversity and Inclusion and The Formula for Success. Around 2000 (8pm), all Companies were on the football field to conduct a late night.

Day 11

Band, Honor Guard, Drill Team. These components are what comprise 7th Company. Every member of 7th must participate in one of these three elements come the academic year.

Today, the 7th Co Youngies got a very special introduction to each component during Company Commander time. Whether it was the interest of spinning rifles, conducting Honor Guard details for VIPs, or simply blasting a horn across the parade deck, something will compel each CC to contribute to 7th Company and help it live up to its motto, “The Pride of the Regiment.”

Day 12

Throughout Orientation, there are several competencies Cadet Candidates must acquire in order to conquer the rigorous two weeks of training. 7th Company spent the majority of time today conducting Water Survival Training. Learning how to enter a safety raft, flip a safety raft, swim in a group, and enter/exit a thermal protection aid blanket are some of the activities taught during this course. After Water Survival Training, 7th’s Youngies received a lecture on Military Customs and Traditions and proper Flag etiquette when raising/lowering, handing, and addressing the American flag.

Day 13

The second to last day of Orientation was spent on the Ranger for 7th Company. The Ranger, a tug boat vessel, is used for training purposes for Marine Transportation majors. Because MMA’s training ship was underway from Texas, Cadet Candidates missed the opportunity to receive hands on experience aboard the training ship. As an alternative, the tug boat Ranger sufficed.

Aboard the Ranger, Candidates were able to enjoy the view of the canal from the water, pilot the vessel for a portion of the voyage, and tour the engine room. Marine Engine and Transportation major were on deck to answer questions and spark interest in the Youngies.