4th Company

4th Company Commander: Luigi Polizio

Read below for an update from the Company Commander daily and scroll down for photos.

Day 1

The Cadet Candidates were processed into orientation. I know it must have been hard for both the Youngies and their families, but I commend your Youngie on their decision to come here. These two weeks will be challenging but our goal as Cadre is to see them through it. After you said your goodbyes the Youngies were taken to lunch, then to get their uniforms. Everything went smoothly for the rest of the day with their meetings. The CC’s went to bed at 2200.

Day 2

 I am pleased to tell you that your sons and daughters made the best decision of their lives choosing to attend the Massachusetts Maritime Academy. This morning started with an 0445 wake-up call for their physical fitness test. They have already spent a long time drilling and learning the proper maritime terminology like “This Cadet Candidate” and Sir Ma’am sandwiches. They experienced their first-morning formation and began taking their mandatory STCW classes. They have already made great progress compared to the first day and the rest of the 4th company staff is excited to see these Cadet Candidates reach their true potential.

Day 3

The Fourth Company Cadet Candidates have proved that are here to work. They started their day at 0445 and completed their PT. They then took a trip to Herring Pond and learned how to sail, row a Monomoy, and row a large crew boat. This allowed them to form bonds with their shipmates and build confidence in themselves. They also dominated in intramural’s and have started to work as a team. You should be very proud of your Cadet Candidates. 

Day 4

Today, the Fourth Company Cadet Candidates attended water survival. Here they learned how to work together to flip a life raft, keep together when floating with life jackets, and what to do in the event of a man overboard situation. They then won another game of intramurals and attended meetings with recruiters from the Marines, Army, and Coast Guard. These CC’s have continued to get stronger every day. We look forward to seeing continued progress for the remainder of orientation.

Day 5

The 4th Company Cadet Candidates kicked the day off with another PT session at 0445. The Cadet Candidates had their pictures taken for their school ID card. Then, they moved to Admirals Hall where they attended a lecture about the Regimental Manual which covers all the rules of the Academy. Fourth Company has continued to work hard every single day and it will eventually pay off.

Day 6

The Cadet Candidates had another successful day of marching. They had the opportunity to meet their company officer LCDR Miller and ask a lot of important questions about the Academy and leadership. For intramurals today the Youngies played water polo against 5th company. It was a hard fight, but in the end, they lost by one game in the series of 3. Tonight they attended meetings about Watch Standing duties and how to wear their uniforms properly. Tomorrow is a new day for improvement on all aspects of being a Cadet Candidate and another day to Orientation graduation.

Day 7

Today, the 4th Company Cadet Candidates learned how to respect and treat the American flag and spent the morning doing team-building exercises. They then learned their way around the T.S. Kennedy with a slide show presentation since the ship hasn’t returned yet and how to stand a watch on the ship. Over the last couple of nights, the Squad Leaders have elected different Youngies to be Cadet Candidate Platoon Leaders and these leaders have been given prompts about leadership. Tonight, the CC’s continued it and it was very motivating to see the conversation.

Day 8

Today, your Cadet Candidates spent the day learning basic firefighting. There were three stations where they received instructions from current or retired firefighters. The first station was how to properly wear an SCBA, the second station was how to operate a fire hose, and the last station was fire extinguishers and the different types. Today packed full of information and your Youngies learned a lot and continue to grow. In the evening, they are learning more about the ship and safety which is very important to all of us. Less than a week now till Orientation graduation.

Day 9

Today presented a new challenge for the leadership staff at this Academy and we made the Cadet Candidates’ safety our top priority. Tropical storm Henri forced the Academy to make the difficult decision to reschedule the events for the day and put new ones in their place. The Cadet Candidates spent the day preparing their rooms for their first inspection. This is a very time-consuming process that forces the Youngies to pay attention to the smallest of details to make their rooms neat and presentable. The Cadet Candidates then had the opportunity to talk with Senior staff and Squad Leaders about their majors at the Academy and what they can look forward to during their next four years here. Hopefully, tomorrow is a better day to continue truly training these Cadet Candidates to become successful cadets here. 

Day 10

The 4th Company Cadet Candidates were very happy to have the opportunity to get back outside again after the storm. They got to sleep in due to safety concerns as the storm fizzled out this morning, but we got our PT in tonight and it was motivating. It was pouring rain during the 2000 PT session, and they loved it. 

Today they went to meetings about diversity, the formula for success, and a presentation from some representatives from the Navy. Only 3 nights and a wakeup until Orientation graduation.

Day 11

Today your Cadet Candidates spent a lot of the day marching in preparation for the Marching Competition on Friday night. They have made great strides in their abilities with marching. They had a few meetings this morning about the Discipline System and another meeting about the Regiment and getting excited for the leadership opportunities here at the academy. The days are flying by and we cannot wait for Orientation Graduation.

Day 12

The 4th Company Cadet Candidates had another day of inspection preparation and drill. One of the more interesting classes they had today was Military Customs and Traditions, which covers some of our traditions as well. They conducted team building exercises as well with the SGA President to continue to build morale and team working skills. It is hard to believe that tomorrow is the last full day of Orientation and the finishing touches on our marching skills, and Youngie Knowledge will be cemented in tomorrow. They have spent the last two weeks preparing for their Fire Fighting and Youngie Knowledge exam and I have complete faith in their capabilities.

Day 13

This is the last night of Orientation and it’s obvious the Cadet Candidates can’t wait to go home. Today, they had the excitement of taking a tour on the Ranger which is a small training ship used by the marine transportation department. After that they had the opportunity to watch the T.S. Kennedy return to Buzzards Bay and many of them were excited to see it for the first time. They also spent much of the day marching in preparation for the Marching Competition tomorrow. Less than 24 hours is left until Orientation graduation.