4th Company

2022 4th Company Commander: Brendan Bertone

Read below for an update from the Company Commander daily and scroll down for photos.

Day Zero –

“Today was the day that we in-processed all of the Cadet Candidates for the upcoming Orientation. It was a long day of learning new things and performing many administrative tasks. We are getting them ready for the next two weeks ahead of them where they will learn to work as a team and come together as a single unit. While also learning what it takes to become Massachusetts maritime cadets.”

Day One –

“Today the Cadet Candidates were involved in many presentations on the school’s history and how it became what it is today. They were also outside to practice marching as a platoon. Every day they are improving and looking better. They also had a block of time to get their uniforms adjusted so they would have everything fit correctly. When everyone “

Day Two –

‘”The morning started early with a PT test which consisted of 2 minutes of push-ups, 2 minutes of sit-ups, and a run. The Cadet Candidates then conquered the water survival course today in which they learned how to do movements in a water environment while in open water. This included getting in and out of a life raft, and doing swim movements as a group. Which could be life-saving knowledge should they ever need it. “

Day Three –

“The Cadet Candidates continued to work on their Drill and Ceremony while marching around the campus and getting personalized instruction from their Squad Leaders. They were also able to get a real-life class on Monomoy boats in the canal. The Cadet Candidates also got to build comradery while playing dodgeball against 1st Company.  “

Day Four –

“Today the Cadet Candidates continued to learn knowledge out of their handbooks. They also learned new drill and ceremony movements on the field. This will be important to know next week when they perform at the marching competition against the other companies.”

Day Five –

“The Cadet Candidates are at Fire Fighting training today and learning how to operate water hoses and fire extinguishers. As well as learning the types of fires and the methods used to put out different fires.”

Day Six –

“Today the Cadet Candidates met their company officer and were given insight into what the semester will look like. With this they also had a lot of practice today with marching as well as learning their youngie knowledge:”

Day Seven –

” Today the Cadet Candidates learned more about drill and ceremony that they will use in the marching competition coming up. The score from the marching competition will count towards the company that receives the Admiral’s Cup which is awarded to the company that performs the best during Orientation based on different scored events. The Cadet Candidates made their rooms today which consist of an inspection drawer, an inspection wall locker, their bed made properly, as well as overall cleanliness. “

Day Eight –

“ Today the cadet candidates left campus to learn how to sail, row, and perform oar commands. They were split into groups and able to compete against one another for the fastest time in the Monomoy. They spent the majority of the day outside in the sun working with their shipmates to catch the wind.”