2nd Company

2nd Company Commander: Jake McInerney

Read below for an update from the Company Commander daily and scroll down for photos.

Day 1

The first day of orientation kicked off to a very great start. Cadet candidates demonstrated great potential. A lot of brand new Youngies showed up with excellent motivation, the type of people we are looking for here at Massachusetts Maritime Academy. During inprocessing the candidates were mustered up, given hair cuts if needed, and received their uniforms. A first step to becoming a part of this great team. Youngies were then directed to the mess deck where they received their evening meal and began to learn proper manners and etiquette. Cadet candidates then ventured over to Admirals hall where they received lectures in Fire safety in the dormitory as well as the role of health services here on campus. Off to a great start.

Day 2

The second day started with Reveille and was followed by an inventory physical fitness test, the Youngies scoring ranged from excellent to needs improvement. However, with proper motivation and instruction in regards to PT, we feel that all candidates can welcome a lifestyle that will include exercise that will better them for future endeavors. Second company then reported to the gym to receive more articles of their uniform that will be needed throughout all four years here at the Academy. After that, they began to learn the basics of the drill. We then headed over to the Mess deck for a noon meal. Second, they went over to the ABS (library) and Admirals hall where they received lectures from the Regimental Training and Retention Officer as well as a lecture from Kathy Kedski in regards to Financial Aid and Billing. The Cadet Candidates then went to play dodgeball against 6co to blow off some steam in a healthy but competitive fashion. After that, all companies met out on the football field to Meet the Cadre where Cadet Leadership introduced themselves and listed goals and standards for the Youngies to strive for. Next came an evening meal. Youngies then reported back to Admirals hall for Fire Fighting Academy registration and a fire lecture and then reported back to the dorms to finish off the day.

Day 3

2co started the morning with some motivating PT! The CC’s were introduced to their first taste of PT after completing the PT test the day prior. The session was ended with a cadence run by the squad leaders who did an amazing job getting the Cadet Candidates to get loud and motivated. In the afternoon, CC’s in 2co started their fire fighting training where they learned essential skills for their future here at the academy. Later in the day, CC’s competed in intramurals and the energy was high! Intramurals are a great part of the day where CC’s can compete and mingle amongst each other. The day was wrapped up with an honors class where the Regimental Commander and Regimental Executive Officer gave them a motivating speech to uplift spirits and give some great energy for the upcoming day! 

Day 4

Another early morning for the CC’s! PT had some high energy this morning with more push-ups, squats, and plenty of other exercises to get all the CC’s up to the academy’s physical standards. After PT and breakfast, 2co made their way to the ABS to get their ID photos taken for their key cards. Once 2co’s key cards were all finished they headed to the field for drill. The squad leaders have been working on teaching the CC’s column left and rights, some of the most important marching skills to learn. CC’s moved to Sea Lab following drill. Downtime throughout the day is spent learning knowledge for patio sessions, where CC’s are tested by the regimental staff on important information they must retain to be a part of the academy. 2co moved to intramurals where they played water polo and came out with a staggering victory per usual. The end of the day was spent in admirals hall where the CC’s were given presentations from the Army, Marines, and Coast Guard. 

Day 5

Once again, 2 Co started the morning with some electric PT! The Cadet Candidates are more motivated than ever and much louder than every other company. After breakfast, the CC’s moved over to the training tank where they learned water survival skills. These skills are essential for their potential careers in the maritime industry. Later in the day, they were given a motivational speech from their Company Commander, Executive Officer, and 03 Platoon Leader. They were able to ask questions and learn a lot about the school. 

Day 6

The CC’s are getting better at PT every day! They constantly improve on endurance and strength with the help of the Squad Leaders and Senior Staff. 2nd Company moved onto team building where the CC’s were able to build some team comradery amongst each other. After, they were moved to Flanagan Hall where the entire Company took pictures so that they could always remember their orientation experience. Later in the day, the Regimental Commander and Regimental Executive Officer gave a speech to the CC’s on proper uniform standards. After a long day, the 2nd Company staff decided on the 2nd Company Guidon for the remainder of the CC’s freshman year. Cadet Candidate Farrar was chosen to represent 2nd Company with the guidon this upcoming year. 

Day 7

Another early morning for the Cadet Candidates. Morning PT keeps getting better and better. The CC’s received the rest of their uniforms today with the help of the bookstore staff so that they can be ready for inspections. A lot of the day was spent learning Youngie Knowledge and practicing drill and marching. Later in the day 2nd Company came away with an outstanding performance in kickball and won by a long shot! The night ended with room prep and straight to bed for their next early morning. 

Day 8

2nd Company had yet another motivating wake-up and started their day with a PT session. At PT, the Youngies conducted their second PT Test. This PT test showed an increased improvement from their first session. After a quick shower and chow, the Cadet Candidates practiced marching and studied their knowledge. There was also time for room prep before their first Regimental room inspections. It was quickly apparent that the C/Cs rooms need some work, but the Squad Leaders will help the Youngies get where they need to be to have a successful first semester. During intramurals, 2Co won three games of dodgeball in a row to sweep 7th Co. The C/Cs finished their evening with chow and meetings with career services, Public Safety, and Shipboard Safety- Health and Hygiene. The company went to bed motivated and eager to have an even better day tomorrow as they await the arrival of Hurricane Henri.

Day 9

Hurricane Henri had the Youngies and leadership staff in a shelter in place order for the entirety of the day. The C/Cs still carried on with their early wake-up and jumped right into room prep. The Youngies spent the morning preparing their rooms for inspections with the Regimental Staff. Inspections went much better than the previous time as they continue to improve in all aspects of Academy life. The C/Cs continued to work together on knowledge and drill inside on the 03 deck. The C/Cs and 2nd Company Staff are hopeful and excited to get back outside tomorrow.

Day 10

2nd Company woke up ready to get back to work as the shelter in place was lifted. The C/Cs had classroom sessions including the history of MMA, and a motivational talk with the Commandant of Cadets. 2nd Company had the most impressive patio performance before evening chow and was complemented by the Regimental Staff. The C/Cs had an evening PT session as opposed to the usual morning session. The day ended with post-PT showers as the C/Cs went to bed hungry to have an even better day tomorrow with their sights set on the Admirals Cup.

Day 11

After a late night PT session the night prior, 2co was once again woken up before the sun rose ready to do PT all over again. The morning was used mostly to hold some essential meetings including Human Relations. The best part of the day came in the afternoon when CC’s were taken on the coastal training vessel T/V Ranger up and down the canal. The CC’s learned about the engine room and bridge of the Ranger for some real life experience before the school year begins. After dinner, the CC’s had some extensive marching practice before bed to best prepare for the upcoming Marching Competition this Friday.

Day 12

Today 2nd Company started their day like any other with a motivating PT session. After PT, quick showers, and chow, the C/Cs were loaded onto busses and made their way to the Herring Pond where they would learn how to row and sail. The C/Cs had valuable time away from Cadre where they were able to bond. The biggest event of the day was the monomoy races, as teams worked together to row the monomoy as fast as possible. 2nd Company continued their bonding as they headed for team building exercises, including tug of war against other Companies when they returned back to campus. The C/Cs stayed out late this evening marching before bed as they prepared for the Marching Competition and Orientation Graduation. Just two more sleeps and a wake up call for the C/Cs.

Day 13

After another amazing morning at PT, the CC’s spent a lot of the day going over drill so that they can feel as confident as possible for the Marching Competition tomorrow! In the middle of our drill sessions, the T.S Kennedy returned to the school after it had been out with Texas A&M Maritime for quite a bit. The CC’s were amazed to see the ship make its way down the canal and dock right in front of them. 2co was selected to help offload the ship, and were promptly rewarded with some snacks for their efforts. As the day came to an end the CC’s made their way back to the 03 deck where they were taught to iron their uniforms.