This page represents the Pre-Orientation phase of the 2021 Orientation Program. View below to see blog posts and more pictures from Pre-Orientation.

  • The Final Push
    Friday, August 13th, 2021 Today is the last day of Pre-Orientation before 402 new Maritime Cadet Candidates arrive on Taylor’s Point for their two-week Orientation. This means the Cadre must make their final preparations and cement their learnings gained this week. The Cadre starts their day off with a run off campus, down the Cape … Continue reading Pre-Orientation Read more
  • Meeting the Cadre, Intramurals, and Youngie Essentials
    Thursday, August 12th After morning physical training, the focus was centered on getting the dormitories primed and ready. Cadre focused on creating Youngies’ rooms nameplates, locker diagrams, and other pre-staged items. Each company worked in their specific area of the dorms the Youngies will be living in come Orientation. The team’s next task requires moving … Continue reading Pre-Orientation Read more
  • Expectations, Taking Action, and Team Bonding
    Wednesday, August 11, 2021 Today the cadre set out to improve their leadership skills in leading across different cultures. Joining the agenda were fellow Maritime staff members within the Intercultural Engagement team, Mr. Michael Ortiz, Dean of Enrollment and Mr. Patrick Nobrega, Director of Multicultural Engagement. The two came up with clever ways to teach … Continue reading Pre-Orientation Read more
  • Discipline, Customs, and Traditions
    Cadre continues to prepare for the arrival of 411 incoming Youngies. All hands on deck! Another great start to the morning as the cadre builds their teamwork skills. There is nothing better than a demanding workout conducted by the Academy’s Regimental Staff! The Squad Leaders will play a huge role in your Youngie’s first year … Continue reading Pre-Orientation Read more
  • Bright and Early
    Monday, August 9th, 2021 The chiming of alarms rings throughout the hallways at approximately 0500. The sun is just beginning to rise as the cadre gathers outside on the football field. The stadium lights turn on, marking the beginning of their physical fitness test. United counts of different exercise repetitions echoed throughout campus, followed by … Continue reading Pre-Orientation Read more