6th Company

6th Company Commander: Rachel Demmer

Read below for an update from the Company Commander daily and scroll down for photos.

Day 1

On Saturday the Cadet Candidates arrived and began their difficult journey of learning. Candidates learned our customs and traditions, got fitted for uniforms, and began the transformation into mature and professional adults. They spent time in the gym where they have distributed a handful of uniforms and attended a health services brief, fire safety brief, and form safety brief. 

Day 2

Today 6th Company spent a majority of the day drilling, learning column left and rights, hand salutes, and perfecting left and right faces. We attended an MMA history lecture and an honors class, spent time studying Youngie knowledge, and to no surprise, beat 2nd Company in dodgeball, a very uniting and thrilling afternoon. We also spent time sighing up for our fire fighting lectures and practicals for the upcoming weeks. 

Day 3

Today 6th Company participated in Sea Lab where they learned the basics of small boat handling. They learned terms such as hold water and bank oars, learned how to work unitedly while stroking, and built team camaraderie. We also spent time drilling, working on our columns, facing movements, and hand salutes. After lunch, we had our first uniform fitting where we tried on different uniforms and were issued parts of our sea bag. In the afternoon we spent time playing a big 6th Company capture the flag game. We spent the evening in a fire lecture learning the basics about firefighting for tomorrow’s firefighting practicals. 

Day 4

Today, 6th Company participated in firefighting training all day. They learned the basics of fire extinguishing, how to refill extinguishers, how to attach fire hoses and properly spray them, how to use and dawn SCBA’s, and much more. In the afternoon, 6th Company won their first kickball game against 5th Company. The Cadet Candidates played a gritty game right down to the bottom of the last inning. 

A lot of improvement has been seen in the Cadet Candidates. The Cadet Candidates have increased their confidence and integrity dramatically since the beginning of the orientation program. There are a lot of improvements to be made, but they are continuously striving for success. 

Day 5

This morning began with a killer PT session in the light of the beautiful sunrise. Sixth Company then went to uniform fittings and spent a good chunk of time studying their Youngie knowledge. The Cadet Candidates then sat through a Regimental Manual brief where they learned the ins and outs of our “bible”, where to find important information and explanations. After lunch, they participated in team-building activities, played water polo against 3rd co, and had a very informative company commander time. Here, the Cadet Candidates were able to speak freely to the 6th Company Senior Staff, ask questions and get the answers they’ve been wondering about. Prior to bedtime, we selected our first Cadet Candidate Platoon Leader, a Cadet Candidate who has shown outstanding motivation and dedication to 6th Co. 

Day 6

After another great PT session under a beautiful sunrise, 6th Company ate breakfast and headed to the gym for more uniform fittings. Afterward, they headed over to the ABS where they took photos for their key cards. Lunch came and went along with the rain, and the Cadet Candidates sat down with LCDR Piñero, our Company Officer, and listened to him speak to the goals and standards of 6th Company. LCDR Piñero offered words of motivation and told them his role as their Company Officer. After that, 6th Company headed over to Admirals’ Hall for a Regimental Watch meeting, learning the to do’s and not to’s, the how’s and the whys of proper watch standing. 

In the early afternoon, we beat 1st Co in kickball, attended a meeting on how to wear the uniform, sat in on a Title IX brief, and had the second day of CCPL. Today’s CCPL knows her Youngie knowledge and leads the team during patio sessions. She is motivating and wants nothing but the best for 6ht Company. Right before bed, the Cadet Candidates ran outside and flashed their moonbeams onto the 6th Company Guidon. Here, we presented a Cadet Candidate who has shown nothing but respect for his team and his Cadre. This Cadet Candidate works tirelessly to help his shipmates out, and honors every value we uphold. He is well-deserving and will not let us down. 

Day 7

On our first Friday of Orientation, 6th Company participated in pond day at Herring Pond. The company headed out to Herring Pond to learn how to sail sailboats and operate Monomoy boats. 6th Company excelled in the Monomoy races and set this year’s orientation record in the timed Monomoy race. Once the Cadet Candidates returned they partook in water polo intramurals and successfully beat Company. The Company wrapped the night up with meetings on shipboard watchstanding as well as room prep. With one week left in the orientation period, the morale in 6th Company is very high as well as showing great improvement each day over the past six days. 

Day 8

Today, 6th Company spent their time at the pool learning water survival. The Cadet Candidates learned the use of thermal protection aids, life raft flipping, breath-holding, and treading water, how to properly jump off an elevated surface, diving from elevation, properly dawning PDFs, man overboard drills, and entering and exiting life rafts. The Cadet Candidates had a picnic outside on the canal for lunch and played water polo against 5th Company. In the evening, the Cadet Candidates participated in a public safety brief along with a shipboard safety-health, hygiene, and knife safety meeting. The 6th Company Staff awarded another Cadet Candidate the opportunity to be the CCPL for their enthusiasm and dedication to their team.

Day 9

Due to the shelter in place order in anticipation of Hurricane Henri, 6th Company spent their day inside focusing on Youngie knowledge, room preparation, and learning Regimental and life skills. The Cadet Candidates learned how to make hospital corners, shine shoes, properly set up their wall lockers with their uniforms, how to fold their boiler suits and sea bags, learned the standards for room inspections, and stood their first Regimental Inspection. 

This evening, we broke out into major based groups and the Cadet Candidates were able to learn about their academic track at the Academy; required internships and co-ops, sea term, and how to balance everything with the regiment. Squad Leaders also spent time discussing important information that will benefit the Candidates for the next four years. Such discussions were about the change of watch forms, binnacle notes, how to sign in and out of campus during the week, special liberties, how to sign up for roommates, and much more.

Day 10

Today the Cadet Candidates got to sleep in for a couple hours in order to rest their bodies for another big day. We had our first full Morning Formation on the Parade Field where we took accountability and saluted the flag during colors. As the rain started to pour down, we ran into the Fantail and had a meeting with the 6ht Company Senior Staff. During this meeting, Cadet Candidates were able to ask any questions they still had on their mind and learn about senior staff leadership positions. Afterward, they headed out to the football field and participated in drill, working to perfect our left/right faces, hand salutes, parade rests, and about faces. Before lunch, 6th company met with the Regimental Commander and Regimental Executive Officer for an Honors brief.

After lunch, the Cadet Candidates sat through a Diversity meeting, a formula for success meeting, and an athletics brief. After dinner, the Cadet Candidates partook in a more challenging type of physical training to get them ready for the final PT test. A new Cadet Candidate Platoon Leader was selected tonight, and led a leadership discussion amongst the company.

Day 11

6th Company made an immense amount of progress today. We started our day out on the coastal training vessel T/V Ranger, a small training vessel used for Marine Engineering and Marine Transportation major training. We set sail down the Cape Cod Canal and the Cadet Candidates received tours of the pilot house and engine room, getting a sneak peak into the life of a licensed major. After lunch, the Cadet Candidates participated in a STCW alcohol awareness presentation and spent time learning and perfecting drill movements. This evening, we worked on voice projection and confidence, and spent ample time memorizing necessary Youngie knowledge. A new Cadet Candidate Platoon Leader was selected, in hopes of bringing out their leadership potential.

Day 12

Wednesday began with Morning Formation and drill time. We spent a couple of hours rehearsing for the drill competition in the hot sun and preparing for their second room inspection. Lunch came and went along with regimental inspections which they passed with flying colors. After that, the Cadet Candidates participated in team-building activities such as tug of war, memory puzzles, tic tac toe, and a water balloon fight. 

After dinner, they went to a discipline brief where they learned about our discipline system, how it works, what to do and what not to do. They also participated in an online learning presentation where they were taught how to navigate virtual classrooms. 

The energy of the 6th Company Cadet Candidates was off the charts today! They exceeded in almost everything they did, building team camaraderie and pride in 6th Co.

Day 13

One more day! This morning we had morning formation and sat through a human relations brief. We spent time perfecting our drilling skills and welcomed the T.S. Kennedy back from its voyage with Texas A&M. In addition, we learned how to handle the American flag, how to fold it and talked about colors. This evening the Cadet Candidates spent time studying for and took the Firefighting Exam, learned how to iron their uniforms, and became eager for Friday to come around.