3rd Company

2022 3rd Company Commander: Samuel Horsfall

Read below for an update from the Company Commander daily and scroll down for photos.

Day Zero –

Hello, parents and families of 3rd Company Cadet Candidates. Today the cadet candidates of 3rd Company started the day by receiving uniforms. During the next two weeks, they will be given everything they need to be successful cadets at the academy, starting with the uniforms they will wear. The rest of the day consisted of basic academy drill movements. All of the cadet candidates received a medical brief from Dr. Cukor to end the night. In the next 2 weeks, 3rd Company staff will test and hold our cadet candidates to a standard that best represents Massachusetts Maritime Academy. We will not give up on any cadets even if they have given up on themselves.

Day One –

This morning started with the “Meet the Cadre”. The ceremony allows the candidates to hear from the cadre that will be directly responsible for the time at their academy. Later on in the day the candidates of 3rd Company practiced facing movements and had designated drill time. Towards the end of the day, the candidates had a few meetings. The meetings consisted of MMA history, a firefighting brief, and customs and traditions. Over the next couple of weeks, it is imperative that all candidates work as a team to become one voice. The value of living and dying as a team will quickly be discovered as the daily challenges continue to increase. There are no individuals in 3rd Company. No candidate left behind.

Day Two –

Cadet Candidates tested their strength this morning bright and early with the PT Test. 3rd Company started off with a run and then made their way through the field exercises. The following week will test their PT skills as each day will grow with intensity but they will be done as a 3rd Company FAMILY. In 3rd Company we hold our heads high, cheer for our shipmates and embrace the suck. The candidates did more knowledge study, drill, and elected the first Cadet Candidate Platoon Leader for 3rd Company. This is a leadership position held within the platoon given to an exemplary candidate displaying the word of the day. Today’s word of the day is Teamwork. It is up to the CCPL to lead by example and continuously strive for greatness. To end the day, 3rd Company beat 4th Company in intramural ultimate frisbee. HOORAH 3rd COMPANY!

Day Three –

Today 3rd Company went to Sea Lab. There they learned about operating monomers to prepare for pond day in the coming days. At pond day they will operate monomers as a boat crew and race within the company. In addition, 3rd Company continues to win in intramurals. Today we beat 2nd Company in water polo. The energy and morale was high leading into the end of the night. Candidates were told to find their why. Why they are here, why they chose to pick the path less traveled, and what motivates them to get up each morning. The why is important and the meaning gives motivation. The 3rd Company staff has enjoyed watching our cadet candidates grow over the last few days. What they are doing is not easy. The only easy day was yesterday.

Day Four –

3rd Company participated in firefighter training today. The platoon was broken into stations where they manned the hoses, dawned SCBA breathing packs, and even extinguished live fires using fire extinguishers. 3rd Company continued their winning streak by defeating 4th Company yet again in dodgeball. If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball. The number of memories, bonds, and friendships that have been created in this short time are ones that will last a lifetime. It is important to me and my staff that all cadet candidates make it through orientation. That does not mean we will lower the standard for all to pass. For our staff, that means enforcing, holding, and modeling the standard better than anyone else.

Day Five –

Today the candidates had Pond Day. It allowed them to come together and learn skills like sailing, monomer rowing, and crew boat operation. They broke off into small groups to experience these stations. During this time, the cadre had no interaction with the candidates, only oversight from the senior staff. It was very motivating to see the smiles on their faces and the enjoyment in a low-stress environment. Upon returning from the pond, 3rd Company swept the floor with 6th Company in water polo. The streak continues for 3rd company intramurals and the morale and teamwork continue to grow. Tomorrow is a new day, bright, early, and loud. Embrace the suck!

Day Six –

Today we drilled, drilled, and drilled. Believe it or not, walking in step is really hard for cadet candidates. My staff and I ensure that every candidate gets the attention they deserve. In preparation for the marching competition in a few days, 3rd Company spent the morning practicing movements while in the platoon. The day ended with yet another 3rd company win in dodgeball!

Day Seven –

Today the candidates got the rest of their uniforms they needed for the time at the academy. With those uniforms, they were able to begin room prepping. They spent a few hours making their rooms “inspection ready” with the help of their cadre of course. 3rd Company all came together after lunch and tried to move the earth with some push-ups. We don’t push for mistakes, we push for people who don’t own their mistakes. It was very motivating to watch 3rd Company attempt to move the earth! Unfortunately, there were no intramurals today, so 3rd company could not continue its undefeated winning streak. 3rd company finished the day with more meetings and yes, of course, nom-noms. 

Day Eight –

This morning started with the PT Test. Candidates pushed themselves to better their scores. It was filled with motivation and a lot of teamwork regardless of the individual test. The rest of the day was water survival training at the pool where candidates learned how to enter and exit life rafts, how to flip them over, and basic swimming and floating as a team. The day ended with yet another win in intramurals. 3rd Company destroyed 1st Company in ultimate frisbee and got ship tours of the TS Kennedy.