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Orientation begins, The Youngies have arrived, Training Day 1

Saturday, August 15th

The new generation of Maritime has finally arrived! Today 388 new Cadet Candidates lined up on Academy Drive for the check-in process. The check-in process starts at the Admissions tent where the Cadet Candidate receive their name tag with their assigned company. Next, is the tent issuing the basic Massachusetts Maritime Academy physical training gear to have the cadets change out of their normal clothes. The parents, friends, and other family members of the Youngie can help walk their belongings to the dorms, but cannot enter the dormitories due to Academy safety and preventive protocols. After the Youngie receives their assigned room, they file back out to the main area to reunite with family and friends.

The Youngies then get the first glimpse at the stellar leadership team that will be leading and teaching them in the next two weeks. The Cadre makes their first impression in what is called “The Cadre Run”. A loud and powerful cadence in step vibrates the ground and has their voices echo throughout campus.

Everyone makes their way over to Clean Harbours Stadium, where the Introduction Ceremony will be conducted. Lieutenant Commander Edgar Piñero, Director of Orientation, Commander Joshua Tefft, Director of Admissions, and Dr. Shannon Finning, Vice President of Student Services all gave welcoming remarks and spoke about their 2 week challenge ahead and how rewarding it will be at the end.

The Cadre then marched out onto the field for their “Oath” ceremony, signifying the beginning of Orientation and their commitment to giving their all to the new Maritime generation by leading them through Orientation and the 2021-22 Academic Year.

The Cadet Candidates are now in the hands of the Squad Leaders. Within the next 14 days, they will facilitate learning MMA’s Youngies Knowledge, Customs & Traditions and MMA history, among other topics. It is going to be a demanding, both physically and mentally, but extremely rewarding. Youngies will remember this experience for the rest of their lives.

Youngies are introduced to MMA’s standards from day one. Standards for grooming, physical training, room inspections, wearing of the uniform, among others are just a few they will be expected to learn and comply with without fail.

The Youngies were issued their Sea Bags today. Sea Bags contain essential items that will allow you to train and participate in different classes and events on or off campus. Safety is paramount in everything we do at MMA.

We had a very special guest during Check In. Rear Admiral Francis Macdonald and his wife, Beth, volunteered their time and energy to hand out the Sea Bags to the Youngies. They welcomed all the Youngies to the Buc Family!

Pre-Orientation 2021 has begun

The cadre has arrived…..

A new tone is being set here on Taylor Point. The Regimental and Battalion staff have made it clear that the fight to reach normalization is in full effect.

Sunday, August 8th, 2021

95 cadet leaders hit the ground running as the cadre are immediately greeted with a series of meetings and lectures. The Director of Orientation, LCDR Pinero, and the Regimental Commander, 1/C Dan McAuliffe, welcomed the cadre and reviewed goals and expectations for the program. The cadre is thrilled to be back on campus in full swing employing maritime traditions and professionalism at the top Maritime Academy in the country

Team building exercises also took place, that highlighted each company specifically. Promoting the strengthening of each company into a team that will be composed of everyone’s best self in order to be prepare and be ready for the arrival of the cadet candidates.

One thing is known for sure, this orientation is held to the highest of standards. There is not a doubt that this week will mold the new cadre into the leaders they have dreamed of being.

Without the restrictions COVID-19, this orientation is going to be one for the books. The standard is being set here at Taylor’s Point. It was a great day here and very successful.