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Friday, August 27th, 2021

This morning, the Youngies went for a 3 mile run down the Cape Cod Canal at 0515. It was a run full of cadences, comradery, and motivation. Each Company was giving it their all.  Every step they took was a step closer to Orientation Graduation!

Each Cadet Candidate must pass the Youngie Exam to be eligible to stay at the academy.  The test was given out today to all the Youngies at 0800 in the Mess Deck. They have been studying hard these past two weeks, and now their knowledge is being put to the test.

Off to the competition!  Each company took part in the annual Marching Competition. All companies did an amazing job, but 2nd Company came out on top. The Companies were marched by their respective Company Commander.  Great job Cadet Candidates! Photos will be posted shortly.

At 2000 hours, the Orientation Graduation Ceremony has begun! Just over 370 motivated, dedicated, and determined Cadet Candidates made it through Orientation 2021.  It took a lot of hard work and grit, but they made it through.  Individual awards were handed out to the top Squad Leaders and top Cadet Candidates in each Company. Company awards were given based on their performances throughout Orientation. The coveted Admirals Cup was won by 5th Company for the fourth year in a row. Congratulations 5th Company Cadre and Cadet Candidates! A big congratulations to all the Youngies for their decision on taking the path less traveled and a job well done.  We can not wait to see the Cadet Candidates back on campus on the 31st.  The journey has just begun! Photos will be posted shortly.

New Learnings Set In Stone, The Final Full Day, Training Day 13

Thursday, August 26th, 2021

The last full day of Orientation started with the new Cadet Canadiate’s first full Morning Formation with all the companies in attendance. Companies 1-7 lined the parade field together in front of the Regimental Staff and saluted the flag.

Around the middle of the day, The Massachusetts Maritime Academy’s homeport training ship, the T.S Kennedy returned back home! The ship is currently being borrowed by Texas A & M’s maritime students for their sea term. The T.S Kennedy was greeted by students, alumni, and fans as it cruised through the Cape Cod Canal. A well-welcome was awaiting the ship’s arrival on campus

A big emphasis was put on memorizing Youngie Knowledge and drill practice for the upcoming Marching Competition. Companies Squad Leaders and Senior Staff drilled Candidates for hours on end in order to make sure the Cadet Candidates’ marching skills were perfect for tomorrow night’s Graduation Ceremony.

Afterward, The Youngies attended one of their last but extremely important meetings. This meeting was on Academic Affairs and was given by four top members of the Academics Department. This meeting touched on topics including tutoring, what to expect, changing majors, swapping classes, and overall how to progress through your degree.

After Dinner, the mess deck was cleaned and prepped for an important assessment. The Cadet Candidates had to take their written, in-person Fire Fighting Exam. This exam covered all the new information that the Candidates learned during their fire fighting training that took place during this Orientation. Some questionnaires included types of fire extinguishers, the fire triangle, and how to properly evacuate a premise if needed. This is essential knowledge and training Yougies must know.

As the day neared an end, all the Companies headed back to the dorms in order to teach the Youngies how to properly iron their uniform. The Youngies learned and then concentrated on getting their uniforms ready for the Orientation Graduation ceremony tomorrow. Cadet Candidates partook in this in order to look their best showing the growth they have experienced over the past 2 weeks. The uniform is the Massachusetts Maritime Academy’s pride and representation, maintaining the uniform is fundamental, mandatory, and essential.

The Cadet Canadiates climb into their bed exhausted, but still with feelings of excitement and motivation, as the commencement of their achievement will be taking place tomorrow night!

Exceeding the Standard, Training Day 12

Wednesday, August 25th, 2021

Training aboard a live vessel on the water continued to transpire as more Companies took their turn to board the Ranger training vessel. Massachusetts’s Maritime Academy’s homeport training ship, the T.S. Kennedy, is not currently available. But a smaller scaled ship was able to compensate for the Kennedy’s absence as it is crucial that new Cadet Candidates get experience on the water.

While some Companies took their turn aboard the T/V Ranger, the remaining Companies spent the time on campus productively prepping dorm rooms for their Regimental inspection. The room preparation time allowed Candidates to ask their Squad Leaders questions pertaining to how the room should be properly set up. The Regimental and Battalion staff conducted room inspections at 1000.

Hurricane Henri pushed Companies that had sailing, water survival, and firefighting to reschedule their activities to today. All preparations were rearranged so companies 2nd, 5th, and 7th got to have their turn with some hands-on training.

Late afternoon arrived with team-building activities taking place on the Parade Field. The Companies got to compete against each other competitively in a tug of war, memory puzzle, and tic tac toe race. Comradery and spirit were built today, strengthing the Regiment of Cadets we have here at Massachusetts Maritime Academy.

The day ended with the Cadet Candidates attending a crucial meeting giving by the 1st Battalion Adjutant 1/C Jack Leigh and 2nd Battalion Adjutant 1/C Reilly Cusick on how to use remote learning. This tutorial covered the essential software and programs given to all enrolled students here at the Academy, and how to navigate and use them accordingly on a computer.

The Youngies Are Underway, Training Day 11

Tuesday, August 24, 2021

It was another early morning wake-up for the Youngies! Reveille played at 0445 and straight out to PT they went. The Cadet Candidates are motivated. The Cadet Candidates’ willingness to better themselves shined through today. Last night’s 2000 PT session did not diminish their motivation to get back at it this morning at 0445.

The Cadet Candidates were on the water today! Some of the Companies had the amazing opportunity to ride on the coastal training vessel T/V Ranger down the Cape Cod Canal and back. The Regimental Training Ship Commander, Sarah Smialek, and Cadet Chief Engineer, Anthony Petrillo, took them through the engine room and bridge of the vessel. They taught the Youngies about the Ranger and also allowed them to relax and enjoy the gorgeous scenery. Every Company will be going on the Ranger before the completion of Orientation.

Before being able to go on the Ranger, the Youngies had to attend Shipboard Safety. This was also taught by the Regimental Training Ship Commander 1/C Sarah Smialek and Cadet Chief Engineer 1/C Anthony Petrillo.

1st Company Officer, Lieutenant Muldoon, gave all the Cadet Candidates a lecture on alcohol awareness. LT Muldoon went into the dangers and consequences that can come along with drinking. Massachusetts Maritime Academy is an alcohol, drug-free, and tobacco-free campus and there is a zero-tolerance policy for the use of these substances on Academy grounds. Getting caught in the mix of alcohol or drug use can affect someone’s health, reputation, and more. LT Muldoon truly cares about the Cadets at this Academy and wants the best for them. This is why he likes to talk with the Youngies, share his story, and educate them on the detrimental effects of alcohol use.

With the Marching Competition coming up, the Companies have been focusing on drill and marching to impress the judges and families this Friday! Cadre and Academy Staff are excited to see these Cadet Candidates graduate this Orientation looking sharp and squared away. There are only a few days left until the Youngies get to march onto the football field, but the hard work does not end there. These Cadet Candidates will graduate from this Orientation program ready to face the challenging roads ahead.

Comradery and Morale, Training Day 10

Monday, August 23, 2021

This morning had an unusual start.  Due to weather conditions, there was no morning PT and Youngies got to sleep in an extra two hours. Instead, we had a motivating 2000 PT session under the lights at Clean Harbors Stadium. In the pouring rain and under the glow of the stadium lights, Companies were chanting and getting motivated despite the inclement weather. All Cadre and Cadet Candidates were excited to be there and it was a great workout. Morale was extremely high this evening!

The Youngies attended multiple important and informational meetings today.  The Youngies were taught about MMA history and how this Academy came to be. The Academy has grown significantly since its founding but is important for Cadets to honor the history and traditions of the Massachusetts Maritime Academy.

The Youngies also attended presentations about the Regimental Manual.  The Regimental Manual contains information about the regiment, rules and regulations, daily routines and formations, uniforms, cadet rooms, leadership training procedures, honor code, and other topics related to the regiment. The Regimented lifestyle helps Cadets to stand out when applying to Coops, intern-ships, and careers post-graduation. The responsibility, self-discipline, and maturity that these Cadet Candidates

Then, the Youngies attended a meeting on Diversity Equity and Inclusion (DEI) in Admirals Hall. The Academy is a place where students from all different backgrounds can come together and become a part of something much bigger than themselves. Mr. Ortiz and Mr. Nobrega gave a powerful presentation on DEI that was full of information regarding cultural awareness and cultural intelligence.  

Following the Diversity Equity and Inclusion meeting, the Varsity Sport Coaches and some Team Captains of brief meetings about the different sports teams here at the Academy. The majority of the Cadet Candidates were interested in playing a sport at the Academy. Playing a Varsity Sport is a great way for Cadets to get involved in activities outside of the Regiment.

Captain Buc went around campus today to boost everyone’s spirits.

Shelter In Place, Training Day 9

Sunday, August 22, 2021

Tropical Storm Henri throws a wrench in the works of Orientation 2021, causing Massachusetts Maritime Academy to issue a shelter-in-place order. With no outdoor activities being permitted, today’s schedule had to be rearranged. The Senior Staff and Squad Leaders worked together to formulate a productive day of activities never the less.

The day was packed with indoor activities focused on the mastery of essential knowledge pertaining to Regimental and Academic life here at Massachusetts Maritime Academy. Some of the activities included uniform care, ironing the uniform, shining shoes, room inspection prep, making hospital corners, and academic major discussions.

A standard that is required to be maintained throughout their time at the Academy is room preparation and cleanliness. The Cadet Candidates were taught the proper way to organize their rooms and make them presentable for inspections.

All of the Cadet Candidates experienced their first Regimental room inspection today. This is where a Regimental Officer conducts an inspection surveying everything in the Cadet Candidate’s room. The inspector goes through the Cadet Candidates’ rooms making adjustments and corrections where mistakes have been made.

In the evening, Senior Staff and Squad Leaders also prepared Academic major specific meetings for the Youngies to attend. Senior Staff and Squad Leaders spoke about the different majors offered at the Academy, giving advice, and answering questions.

The CCPL continues to be chosen every night. The chosen CCPL is given a prompt and they must lead a discussion amongst their shipmates that is intended to boost motivation and Company morale.

One thing is for sure, nothing can stop the determination of the Orientation Leadership Staff and the Cadet Candidates.

The Standard is Raised Higher, Training Day 8

Saturday, August 21, 2021

Now that we are past the halfway point of the Orientation program, the expectations of Cadet Candidates are in full swing. This means that the bar has been set higher and the Youngies are expected to perform and meet the standards that have been set for them. The Youngies continue to study their knowledge for the Youngie Knowledge exam and practice their marching and drill for the Marching Competition that will take place on the final day of Orientation.

Different firefighting training takes place in certain areas around campus. At the Campus Police headquarters, Cadet Candidates learn how to use a self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA). They learn how to don the device as well as the operating procedures.

Intramural games continue to be played every day following the afternoon meal. While a tournament is not in place, so every company can play different sports and opponents every day, a win to loss ratio is being kept to see the best performing company. The highest performing Companies will earn points towards winning the coveted Admirals Cup on the night of Orientation Graduation.

The Companies are having their individual picture photoshoots. Each Company is photographed in front of the beautiful and scenic Cape Cod Canal.

In the evening, the Youngies attended back-to-back meetings discussing important topics. The topics covered in the meetings included Career Services, Public Safety, and Shipboard Safety.

Overall, the companies continue to experience growth in all areas of training at the Academy. Now, preparation for Tropical Storm Henri finishes the day.

Practice Makes Perfect, Training Day 7

Friday, August 20, 2021

The Cadet Candidates have completed the first week of the Orientation Program. The ground rules, expectations, and standards have been set, and the Youngies know the action that needs to be taken. For the final week of Orientation, the expectations have been set high and the Cadet Candidates must execute. Moving forward, every day is focused on the perfection of the Company’s morale and harnessing everything that they have been taught by their Squad Leaders and Senior Staff. The companies will have to work together as a team to accomplish the tasks ahead.

Different Cadet Candidates talk to the rest of the company. Talking about their thoughts and opinions about their experience with Orientation so far, collaborating on how they can improve their overall performance, and motivating each other to give it all they have for the rest of Orientation.

The Companies continue to be quizzed on their Youngie Knowledge to prepare themselves for Patio and to cement the information for their future at the Academy. Squad Leaders conducting practice quizzes to assess the retention and knowing of their Youngie Knowledge.

Patio sessions have gotten increasingly difficult since the beginning of Orientation. The Regimental Staff has been testing the Youngies on the traits of a leader, the Academy Honor code, the Joseph P. Kennedy Quote, the “Inspection Spout”, and the “Youngie Function”.

Perfection of marching is essential to the betterment of a Company, it shows unity and cohesiveness. The Cadet Candidates continue to practice their commands, facing movements, and presentability.

Company Staff members have begun selecting Cadet Candidate Platoon Leaders for their respective Companies. The CCPL is a Cadet Candidate who has shown leadership amongst their shipmates, application of Academy teachings, perseverance through hardship, and grit. This chosen Cadet Candidate has the chance to address the rest of their Company in private away from Squad Leaders. The CCPL is placed in a leadership role for the day and delegated the responsibility of motivating their shipmates.

Uniform Importance, and Beginning Freshman Leadership Training Day 6

Thursday, August 19th, 2021

Today, the Youngies exercised team-building skills. Companies got together as one cohesive unit to build up their teamwork skills and Company morale. The Youngies had a ton of fun and got to relax a little bit. You could see in their faces how accomplished they felt when the task at hand was successfully completed.

The Cadet Candidates had time to study their Youngie knowledge. Knowing your Youngie knowledge is very important not only for orientation, but throughout all four years at the Academy. Youngies have to know the steam cycle, Academy and Regiment Staff names, forty-one parts of a lifeboat, and much more.

All hands on deck! The Youngies attended a meeting by Regimental Commander 1/C Daniel McAuliffe, Regimental Executive Officer 1/C Brian Murray, First Battalion Commander 1/C Owen Donoghue, and Second Battalion Commander 1/C Nora McLaughlin on the proper wear of uniform. In the meeting, all parts/ uniforms the Cadet Candidates will be wearing were shown and taught how to wear.

It was a very special night here on the water. Company staff and Squad Leaders chose a Cadet Candidate to be the Company Guidon. The Company Guidon is someone that the Company cadre thinks to be a good example for the rest of the Youngies within the company. They go above and beyond at all times, know their knowledge, and are very respectful.

Prepping the Rooms and Learning Essential Knowledge, Training Day 5

Wednesday, August 18th, 2021

It was another bright and early day here at the home of the Bucs for the Cadre and Cadet Candidates. Morning Reveille was initiated and everyone then moved out to the football field for some motivating physical training.

The Youngies and Cadre have been doing Morning Formation. It is a tradition here at Mass Maritime that occurs every morning Monday-Friday during the academic school year. Doing this now will allow the Youngies to feel comfortable and be prepared when the real thing comes in September. The Youngies are marched onto the Parade Field by their Platoon Leader and Squad Leaders to salute the flag.

Youngies had the privilege to sit in on a meeting with the Regimental Training Ship Commander, Sarah Smialek, and Cadet Chief Engineer, Anthony Petrillo. The two gave a presentation on Ship Familiarization. This lecture was designed to familiarize the Cadet Cadidates with the T.S. Kennedy while it is still out sailing with Texas A&M Maritime Academy.

Later in the evening, the Youngies headed back to the dorms. Squad Leaders taught the Cadet Cadidates how to iron, shine shoes, and make their rooms meet the standard and look “inspection ready”. It is an honor to attend this Academy and be able to wear the uniform every day. Therefore, all those who wear the uniform are taught how to care for it and treat it with respect before they can wear it. It is the responsibility of the Cadre to make sure the Youngies are properly instructed on the proper wear and care of the uniform during orientation.