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The Final Push

Friday, August 13th, 2021

Today is the last day of Pre-Orientation before 402 new Maritime Cadet Candidates arrive on Taylor’s Point for their two-week Orientation. This means the Cadre must make their final preparations and cement their learnings gained this week. The Cadre starts their day off with a run off campus, down the Cape Cod Canal. Cadences echo throughout the early morning, as a beautiful sunrise over the Cape Cod Bridge motivates everyone to keep running. This is a unified jog throughout each company.

To end the run in a climactic fashion, everyone finished strong by jumping off the boat docks on campus into Buzzards Bay. A sprint swim took place from the floating dock to shore. The Academy’s tradition calls for the upper class to jump in and “kiss” the bow of the TS Kennedy. Unfortunately, the Kennedy is being used by TX A&M for their annual Sea Term and is due back the latter part of Orientation. All companies dove into the water with the Regimental Staff being the last to make the swim together.

After breakfast, another important task was on the schedule. The cadre then proceeded to practice “The Oath”. This is the promise sworn in by 1/C Regimental Commander Daniel McAuliffe and 1/C Regimental Executive Officer, Brian Murray, stating that the Cadre will solemnly swear to do everything in their power to guide, inspire, and protect the new Cadet Candidates. The seriousness of this procedure can be seen as the Cadre raise their right hands promising to do everything they can to assist the Youngies’ betterment of themselves at Massachusetts Maritime Academy in every way possible.

Former Company Officer of Massachusetts Maritime Academy’s 4th company, LT Ryan DeCoste took the day off of work to come down and give an inspiring and motivating presentation on Coaching and Mentoring. It incorporated itself into the Cadre’s upcoming leadership opportunities in Orientation. The presentation was amazing. No Cadet left without at least five new positive ways to approach leadership and mentoring.

Final preparation included turning the gym into the gear and uniform distribution center with the help of the book store staff, Parent Association volunteers, and MMA staff members . This will be where the Youngies walk through and receive all their clothing, uniforms, and gear needed to start their journey at Massachusetts Maritime Academy. Once everything was set up, Erica Simmons, the Follet book store manager, gave the Cadre an overview of how the Cadet Candidates will progress through the facility and how to go about the process.

Finally, endless hours have calculated every angle, the personnel has had the proper training, and all the pieces have been put together. The Cadre stands ready to pass on the torch and raise a new generation of Maritimers as Pre-Orientation ends, and Orientation begins.

Meeting the Cadre, Intramurals, and Youngie Essentials

Thursday, August 12th

After morning physical training, the focus was centered on getting the dormitories primed and ready. Cadre focused on creating Youngies’ rooms nameplates, locker diagrams, and other pre-staged items. Each company worked in their specific area of the dorms the Youngies will be living in come Orientation.

The team’s next task requires moving to the well-known Admiral’s Hall to hear Regimental Commander, Daniel McAuliffe, explain the new “Meet the Cadre” procedure. “Meet the Cadre” is an event in which the Youngies meet their current companies’ Senior Staff and Squad Leaders. The Senior Staff and Squad Leaders both introduce themselves to the Youngies promising to take care of their new Cadet Candidates and lead them by being the best role model and mentors they possibly can be. The Cadre focuses on engagement and connectivity through their teaching.

After the practice session, a competition took place on the softball field. 1st Battalion and 2nd Battalion clashed against one another in an intramural game of softball. The game was lead by Regimental Intramural Officer, 1/C Yazan Aldakhlallah. Diving catches, stolen bases, and slides into home base left the game to a continuous close call. However, 2nd Battalion took the win. Both Battalions scored over 20 plus runs.

Intramurals is a great way to meet other Cadets in your company. It is a place where you Cadet will learn amazing leadership and team skills.

Finally, Cadre personal furthered the setup for Saturday’s arrival by preparing each Youngie’s Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) box. The PPE box contains all the gear the Youngies need to stay safe while working and learning at Massachusetts Maritime Academy including helmets, ear protection, eye protection, and work gloves. The Cadre moved hundreds of boxes over to the desired companies in need to account for every single incoming Cadet Candidate. Another successful day.

Expectations, Taking Action, and Team Bonding

Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Today the cadre set out to improve their leadership skills in leading across different cultures. Joining the agenda were fellow Maritime staff members within the Intercultural Engagement team, Mr. Michael Ortiz, Dean of Enrollment and Mr. Patrick Nobrega, Director of Multicultural Engagement. The two came up with clever ways to teach everyone acceptance and incorporation of diversity into their leadership styles.

These activities included a fun team-based interactive event, that had two groups cooperating in a way they were not used to. They were being limited to only certain forms of communication and practices, leaving them to accomplish tasks by understanding and accepting each other’s differences.

Things then were taken over by Dr. Cukor, Academy Physician. Dr. Cukor provided a medical brief where he explained possible emergency situations that could occur during orientation. He provided the cadre guidance on how to prevent these situations from occurring and to take action if something does arise. Dr. Cukor ended his presentations with an amazing showcase of proper and respectable ways of communicating as a leader and boosting all of the cadres’ confidence.

Afterward, 1st Company Officer LT Muldoon, the Regimental Adjutants, and the ship cadet officers gave an explanation on the importance of watchstanding expectations, both on the ship and ashore. They advised the Cadre on how to successfully explain to their incoming Youngies just how important this job is.

It has been an action-packed day full of learning and solidifying skills. The Squad Leaders are drilling every day to master their craft in marching a platoon. They are engraving their new skills of projecting their voices and commanding a unit. GREAT WORK!

To finish off Wednesday night here on campus, the Cadre participated in a 1st Battalion versus 2nd Battalion Spikeball tournament. There were lots of smiles and laughter. At the same time, great team bonding and camaraderie was present within everyone. We will leave you with this quote that is often said at the Academy, “A team is only as strong as its weakest link.” Unity makes for success.

Discipline, Customs, and Traditions

Cadre continues to prepare for the arrival of 411 incoming Youngies.

All hands on deck! Another great start to the morning as the cadre builds their teamwork skills. There is nothing better than a demanding workout conducted by the Academy’s Regimental Staff!

The Squad Leaders are learning how to march and control a platoon. Whenever there is a chance to drill, the cadre takes advantage of it. The senior officers are great mentors and are helping each of them to reach their full potential.

The Squad Leaders will play a huge role in your Youngie’s first year here at Massachusetts Maritime Academy. The cadre attends a class that taught them how to engage cadets when in distress of any kind. Today’s lessons touched on mental health, physical exhaustion, and emotional stress. The cadre is here for the Youngies. Everyone here in Buzzards Bay truly cares about everyone’s success and happiness during their time at the Academy and long after.

Day 3 of Pre-Orientation has come to an end. Today has been a full day of productivity, learning, and breaking through the comfort zone. We all here are looking forward to another great day tomorrow. Stay tuned and GO BUCS!

Bright and Early

Monday, August 9th, 2021

The chiming of alarms rings throughout the hallways at approximately 0500. The sun is just beginning to rise as the cadre gathers outside on the football field. The stadium lights turn on, marking the beginning of their physical fitness test. United counts of different exercise repetitions echoed throughout campus, followed by motivation among all companies. The test consists of quality push-ups, sit-ups, and a 1 mile run around the campus.

The Senior Staff cheer on their squad leaders in training, motivating them through the testing of their physical limits.

The Squad Leaders file into Admirals Hall to hear remarks from the President of the Academy, Rear Admiral Francis McDonald, VP of Student Services, Dr. Shannon Finning, and the recently promoted Commandant of Cadets, Commander Stephen Kelleher.

Afterward, the cadre makes their way over to Joint Base Cape Cod to test themselves in a rigorous obstacle course consisting of 8 different stations. Boiler suits and old sneakers are coated in dirt and sweat while taking on the militaristic style obstacles.

The cadres’ learning progressed further after a refresher on the expected regimental room and uniform standards. A wheel of chance filled with the names of new squad leaders was suspensefully spun, subjecting cadre to a test of their knowledge and their professionalism.

The night ends with each battalion splitting up into their own separate meetings to have a closed, concise, and personal lesson. The first full day at pre-orientation was a successful course of events.

Pre-Orientation 2021 has begun

The cadre has arrived…..

A new tone is being set here on Taylor Point. The Regimental and Battalion staff have made it clear that the fight to reach normalization is in full effect.

Sunday, August 8th, 2021

95 cadet leaders hit the ground running as the cadre are immediately greeted with a series of meetings and lectures. The Director of Orientation, LCDR Pinero, and the Regimental Commander, 1/C Dan McAuliffe, welcomed the cadre and reviewed goals and expectations for the program. The cadre is thrilled to be back on campus in full swing employing maritime traditions and professionalism at the top Maritime Academy in the country

Team building exercises also took place, that highlighted each company specifically. Promoting the strengthening of each company into a team that will be composed of everyone’s best self in order to be prepare and be ready for the arrival of the cadet candidates.

One thing is known for sure, this orientation is held to the highest of standards. There is not a doubt that this week will mold the new cadre into the leaders they have dreamed of being.

Without the restrictions COVID-19, this orientation is going to be one for the books. The standard is being set here at Taylor’s Point. It was a great day here and very successful.